This year's market is scheduled to operate every Saturday morning from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, starting the second Saturday in January through the third Saturday of December. The market meets in downtown Taylor's Heritage Park under the pavilion.

Markets will be closed if a market day falls on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter Sunday, or New Year's Day.   
In the event the Market is to be closed due to inclement weather or an unforeseen incident, the Market Manager will advise all vendors of the time the Market must close.


We recommend that you arrive around 9 am to begin setting up. You may park next to the pavilion to unload, but you must move your vehicle to the designated vendor parking area as soon as you are done (see parking below).  If you are eligible, you will be assigned a permanent space under the pavilion. All pavilion spaces are numbered.  Announcements are made each Friday on our Slack channel listing any reserved space that will be open for weekly vendors use that Saturday. 

Weekly vendors may set up in any available non-reserved space on a first come, first served basis. If no spaces are available under the pavilion, weekly vendors may set up along the sides of the walkway between the pavilion and the restroom (Area #2).


Outer aisle pavilion spaces (1 - 16) are 10 square feet and include the area behind your space to the edge of the concrete. You will share two feet in front of each column where electrical outlets are located. There is no charge for power but be aware that it isn't always working. 

Center aisle spaces (A - H) are also 10' square centered on the midline of the pavilion. This aisle doesn't have power available.

It is often windy, so keep that in mind when planning your set-up


All vendor vehicles MUST be moved to the far side of the parking lot by 9:45 am. Customer only parking includes the middle row parallel to the market as well. You should not be using any spot outside of the yellow box below. 

If you arrive late, your vehicle needs to be moved as soon as you are done unloading. A great big thanks to everyone for keeping this market customer friendly. 


You are welcome to start tidying up and preparing for the end of the market around 1:45 but must not break down your table before 2 pm. This includes moving your vehicle into any spaces adjacent to the pavilion - we need to keep those spaces open and available for our customers as we do have some show up towards the end of the market. 

Be sure to check your space thoroughly before you leave. 

(required weekly):

We gather sales data at this market and share the general numbers with the city weekly. Only the market manager who compiles the report has access to your information. Sales data and customer counts provide a metric with which to make decisions about future markets. 

This information, along with weekly sales numbers and transactions, is incredibly useful for demonstrating how important farmers' markets are to our town and state. It is also beneficial for improving decision-making, market promotion, media relations, advocacy, and fundraising. 

You have the option of submitting your data on paper, directly to the market manager, at the end of each market or using the link below to submit your sales data no later than 5 pm on the Monday immediately following the market. Reminders will be sent out on our vendor group page and through the Remind app (text message). 

The Weekly Market Report is available for you to view on google sheets (linked below). 


We communicate primarily through the Slack App. Once you have been approved as a vendor you should receive an invitation to join our group on Slack. You can use either of the blue buttons below to download the app while you wait for the invite. 


I am glad to share any sales or promotions you are offering each week. If I see that you have posted something, I'll share that to our market page. Otherwise, please send me information and photos by Wednesday for the following market.

Remember to tag the market in your posts:


The Hospitality table is a perk we enjoy that's supported by and available to all vendors. The table is located behind the spaces 2 and 3. No vendor is required to donate food or drink but you are welcome to partake even if you don't contribute. After all, that's what hospitality is all about. We also accept donations of plates, bowls, napkins, and disposable serving pieces. 

Vendors and their employees are responsible for informing themselves about and complying with federal, state, and local health regulations and licensing requirements governing the production, display, distribution, sampling, and sale of their products. 

The vendor is solely responsible and liable for any claims and damages resulting from the sale of unsafe, unapproved, or unsound goods.

 Questions about requirements for specific food items should be directed to the Williamson County Health Department at (512) 238-2121.
Heritage Square Farmers Market